How Is The Industry Responding To The Pandemic?

The covid 19 pandemic has gripped countries across the world and has sadly led to hundreds of thousands of deaths. Around the world communities and people are coming together in order to try and prevent the spread of the virus. It’s important to also evaluate the overall role in which distilleries as well as bar and restaurants are taking in the fight to stop the virus as well as continuing to survive as an industry overall.

Whisky And Spirit Distilleries

One of the first types of businesses to answer the call to aid the NHS within the UK was the distilleries dotted across the country. Distilleries have been key in ensuring that NHS staff as well as other key workers have been kept supplied with hand sanitiser.

In an unprecdented move distilleries across the UK as well as the wider world quickly reorganised their operations in order to begin production of hand sanitiser and alcohol for cleaning solutions.

They have been provided with some financial support from the government. However many distilleries did this without requests for support or financial backing. The results from this community action across the UK has been simply astonishing. Many distilleries have gone from complete shutdown to producing thousands of litres of sanitiser for vital healthcare services across the United Kingdom.

Bars And Restaurants

Some bars and restaurants across the UK have continued to offer their services . However many are choosing to deliver their food and drinks via takeaway rather than in their premises due to the restrictions. Unfortunately , so far the industry has suffered a lot due to the overall impact of the pandemic.

One of the main reasons why the hospitality sector has struggled has been hit so hard by the pandemic is due to the lack of support from government as well as the sheer impact from the lockdown measures. The lockdown measures across the country has lead to most businesses in the hospitality industry having virtually no footfall and very little sales.

This was of course a necessary step taken in order to contain the overall spread of the virus across the country. However guidance surrounding reopening these venues has been fairly sparse and many well established businesses in the sector have had to sadly close their doors for good.

Supporting Local Communities

As well as distilleries playing their part during the pandemic , bars and restaurants have also stepped up to show their support despite being limited in how they can operate. Many of them have been helping to produce food and deliver it for free within the local community as well as supplying food to the NHS as well in order to support them.

This has been a huge boost and has helped to strengthen ties within local communities. However , much more action is needed in order tackle the real and ever-present issue of financial uncertainty and turmoil that has been caused by lock down measures across the country. It will be interesting to see in the coming months what is done by the government to address this important issue.