Our Experience With Mould Removal

Mould removal

Mould removal isn’t the first thing you might associate with whisky. However like all industries we have our own issues and problems that we need to tackle in order to keep our safe and to ensure that our production methods remain effective.

What Is Mould?

Mould is a build up of spores within an area that then develops into mould. Mould is the breakdown of different elements as well as materials. Food often goes mouldy if left unpackaged for a long period of time.

Mould can become an issue in properties that don’t have great ventilation and that have lots of areas that are damp or wet overall. Our experience of mould is a relatively new one as it is only recently that we have had to consider the services of a mould removal company.

Some of the issues with mould are that it leaves a large dark noticeable mark and also produces a bad odour and potentially poses health risks to people exposed to the mould for prolonged periods of time.

Mould removal

Arranging Mould Removal

One of the most pressing issues that we have had to resolve is arranging mould removal for our distillery. Unfortunately mould had developed in several locations throughout the distillery.

Therefore it was important that we tackled this issue to ensure a safe and healthy environment for staff and visitors alike. One of the main ways in which we arranged this is by sourcing property repair specialists to arrange for the mould to be removed.

The property repair specialists we sourced to have the mould removed tackled this issue quickly and effectively in a very short time. This greatly improved the look and feel of our distillery and helped it feel normal again.

Mould removal

Findings And Changes

So what have we learned from our experience with mould in our distillery? well really there have been several main points which we can take from whats happened.

One of the main points to note is the health risks that can be posed to employees as well as visitors to the distillery. Mould can release bacterial spores which can lead to people developing health conditions.

In addition to developing health conditions , mould can also cause damage to the distillery which can weaken different surfaces as well as the materials within.

Mould removal

What we found was that removing the mould yourself can be dangerous as well as difficult. In order to ensure that mould removal can be effective.

Restoring The Distillery.

Once the mould had been removed , there was a bit of restoration and cleaning that was required in order to return the distillery to its former glory overall.

From our experience , it is important to note underestimate the damage that mould can cause within your property. Therefore when you are arranging mould removal , look for the property repair specialists with the best reviews in order to remove an effective mould removal service.

Taking care with choosing the right company to tackle this issue is essential in order to achieve real and meaningful results.