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What Country Drinks the Most Alcohol?

Almost every country has its own traditions when it comes to drinking alcohol. It’s a part of the culture just as much as literature, music, and cuisine. And it’s not surprising that many countries are notorious for their drinking habits. In this article, we’ll look at countries like Belarus, the Hungarians, and the Russians. Belarus […]

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BRCA Mutation testing

BRCA is the breast cancer gene found in everybody because it aims to repair the DNA, maintain other genes’ health, and help prevent cancerous gene changes. However, when the mutation damages any of these genes, the chances of cancer increase in the body.  If you’ve inherited any of the damaged BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 […]

How to make whisky

The process of making whisky begins with the malting of barley. This process consists of milling the malt to a coarse flour, which is called grist. The malted barley is then mixed with hot water in a mash tun, which is a large kettle. This allows the grains to break down the starch and sugar […]