What Country Drinks the Most Alcohol?

wine drink in glass

Almost every country has its own traditions when it comes to drinking alcohol. It’s a part of the culture just as much as literature, music, and cuisine. And it’s not surprising that many countries are notorious for their drinking habits. In this article, we’ll look at countries like Belarus, the Hungarians, and the Russians.


Belarus is the country with the highest alcohol consumption. The average Belarusian drinks 47% spirits, followed by 17% beer and 5% wine. The rest is in the “other” category, which likely includes home-made vodka and cheap fruit wines.


A study by the World Health Organization in 2012 shows that Hungarians consume almost twice the world’s average amount of alcohol per person aged 15 and over. This puts Hungarians on par with the rest of Eastern Europe. The study also offers a global overview of alcohol consumption patterns, as well as information on the health consequences of alcohol consumption. The report includes country profiles of all 194 Member States, data tables, and an explanation of the sources for each of the findings.


According to a study published in the journal Alcoholism and Development, Germans drink the most alcohol per capita. But, the level of alcohol consumption is declining. The study found that almost a fifth of Germans are hazardous drinkers, a higher proportion than the average European. The prevalence of hazardous drinking was higher among men, those who are younger, those living in South West Germany, and those with higher levels of SEP. The findings highlight the need for targeted policies to reduce alcohol consumption.


According to a 2010 World Health Organization report, Russians consume an average of 15.1 liters of alcohol per person per year. That was higher than Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, and other countries in the world. The latest figures from Rospotrebnadzor indicate that per capita alcohol consumption in Russia has dipped below 15 liters per person per year.


According to the World Health Organisation, Lithuanians are the world’s heaviest drinkers. They consume the equivalent of nine hundred and ten large beers every year. But they don’t just drink beer and alcohol – they also consume spirits and wine. Despite their high consumption, Lithuanians are not the only country in Europe who is suffering from alcohol problems.


Spain is not the country where everyone drinks a lot of alcohol. According to the National Drug Plan, just 0.4 percent of the population is an alcoholic. Yet a campaign to educate people about alcohol consumption in Spain estimates that up to 1.5 million people drink too much alcohol.