How An Indian Restaurant Glasgow Might Pair Whisky With Curry

Some tasty naans from an Indian restaurant Glasgow.

It can be difficult sometimes to pair food that is truly packed with flavour to a certain alcohol or drink. Due to the fact that Indian food and whisky are both really rich and pack a punch, it can be difficult to pair the right dish with the right whisky. We decided to look into it and give some recommendations as to how you might pair your Indian dishes with a single malt whisky. These suggestions may be exactly how an Indian restaurant Glasgow might do it. It will depend on the overall cooking style of each restaurant in particular, but we believe the methods below are some of the best.

Read on and find out how an Indian restaurant Glasgow might pair whisky with curries.

Four friends clinking glasses in an Indian restaurant Glasgow.

Pairing Whisky with Popular Indian Dishes

We have looked at some of the most popular Indian curries and scoured the internet for what appears to be the best whisky pairing. We believe, that the next time you are visiting an Indian restaurant Glasgow, you should follow our lead on some of these.

  • Madras: This extra hot curry will go perfectly well with something strong and smoky-flavoured like the Johnnie Walker Black blend.
  • Dhansak: A Dhansak will almost certainly go with something slightly spicy but with bold fruit flavours, like the Famous Grouse.
  • Biryani: Something as aromatic as a Biryani will need something light that is not going to compete in flavour. Something like Bell’s would work well.
  • Korma: Something creamy or nutty like a Korma will need something smooth and not overpowering. An Irish Jameson whisky could work well.
  • Rogan Josh: Something as fiery as a Rogan Josh will need a spicy counterpart. Caol Ila is full of flavour and will work perfectly paired with this curry.

Try some of these combinations and let us know what you think!

Various dishes available at a local Indian restaurant Glasgow.

How an Indian Restaurant Glasgow Would Do It

If you look at the menu of any Indian restaurant Glasgow, they often have suggestions for what to drink alongside the main a la carte menu. For the most part, in Glasgow, this is usually primarily beer or wine. However, why not take advantage of the national drink, whisky. Whisky is popular all over the world and has such deep, rich flavours that it would be silly not to take full advantage.

Whisky and Indian dishes can actually be a truly delightful pairing if you put some thought into getting it right. What you should focus on is making sure no one component overpowers the other, and that the flavours in each are complementary.