Whisky And Tourism

Across Scotland , there are a number of distilleries that continue to produce huge volumes of whisky each year. As a result they attract large numbers of tourists across the country which have really taken to the concept of whisky production and are interested in whisky production.

What Makes Whisky Unique?

Overall there are many different factors that go into making whisky unique compared to other different types of alcoholic beverages. Whisky is a drink that has been distilled in the UK for centuries. Originally it is thought it was brought over to the UK by Irish people to the Islands off the coast of Scotland.

One of the main factors that make whisky unique is the deep and rich flavour. Whisky is one of few drinks that takes a while to drink. This is because it has a rich deep flavour with strong notes.

Part of the reason why whisky is so strong is that it has been distilled for several years before being bottled and produced for consumption. Water is commonly used to unlock different flavours and ease the initial flavours.

Why Has Tourism Become Intertwined With The Whisky Industry?

Tourism has become closely associated with the whisky industry for a number of reasons overall. One of the main reasons why tourism has become so closely associated with the whisky industry is marketing and advertising.

Scottish government campaigns designed to encourage tourism in Scotland from abroad have been very successful. One of the main features as part of these campaigns has been whisky and the history of Scotland. Whisky has been heavily featured as a key part of Scottish culture and heritage.

One of the many appeals of the whisky industry to tourists from abroad is the location of distilleries. Many distilleries where whisky is still produced across Scotland are located in very scenic locations.

For example there are several distilleries located on Scottish Islands such as Islay , Skye and Jura. These distilleries have been around for many years and mostly still use the same distillation process as they have used for many many years. This adds to the overall historical appeal that they can offer.

Is Tourism Sustainable For The Whisky Industry?

Overall it can be said that there are number of reasons why tourism is likely to remain sustainable and viable for the whisky industry.

  • Steady and guaranteed income
  • Increased visitor numbers
  • Better sales overseas as well as increased international exposure
  • Helps support local jobs as well as the local economy
  • Can be kept active through engaging marketing campaigns

Sustained tourism is likely to continue for many years to come throughout Scotland. This helps improve future business prospect for the whisky industry as well as ensuring continued custom and interest in Scottish whisky companies.

Guided tours of different distilleries across the country plays a significant role in high interest in the industry overall.


Overall to conclude it is clear that both the tourism and whisky industries support each other. This is thanks to national marketing campaigns as well as a shared history that goes back many years.