Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday can be a stressful, and even dangerous day for all involved. I get stressed on Black Friday even when I’m not buying anything (purely because I feel like I should be but have no money.) Here is a list of tips to help you get the most out of Black Friday.

Use Discounted Gift Cards

Okay, so I didn’t know about this one until I sat down to write this article. But if you visit you can buy discounted gift cards. You probably won’t see much in the way of savings if you buy under £100 worth of gift cards, but one woman bought £500 worth of tokens for £435. With tokens for Amazon, Toys“R”Us and iTunes amongst hundreds of others, it may be something to consider. If you’d be spending that much anyway you might as well save a little as it can go a long way, especially at this time of year.


Prioritise your Shopping List

For successful Black Friday shopping, you need to do a little bit of homework. Write a list of all the products you need, then where to find each item, then prioritise them in order of importance. The items that you need to get the most should be at the top of the list, and these should be your main priority.


Have a Back-Up Plan

Always have a backup plan, you might not get what you want because you can’t find it or it may sell out. Either have another item as a backup plan or another place that you can purchase it.


Price Check in Store

Just because it’s Black Friday doesn’t mean everything is going to be cheaper, and some shops may try and catch you out. Price check your items using the Amazon app, which lets you scan an item’s barcode and then compares prices of that product on the site. Big savings could be made here, especially as Amazon also offer Black Friday deals.

Side note: many shops suspend their price match policies for Black Friday, so if you’ve bought an item and see it cheaper elsewhere, don’t even bother trying to claim money back.


Watch Out for Early Deals

Sometimes the best thing to do on Black Friday…is to shop on Wednesday. Some shops will actually put the prices down a couple of days before Black Friday, and these prices will sometimes even be lower than on Black Friday. Go and have a look and potentially grab an item while you still can.



Stay Safe!

The most important tip for Black Friday is to stay safe. There are a lot of wild Black Friday shoppers out there, but if you at all feel unsafe by someone’s actions or behaviour make sure you speak to a member of staff. And don’t be one of those people who shove others and climb over display stands, have some dignity, you’re not in primary school.