The Best Way to Drink Whisky


While many serious drinkers will have strong opinions on how to drink whisky, there actually are no strict and fast rules to follow. If you enjoy a whisky on the rocks or prefer it best when mixed with another drink, do not let the naysayers convince you otherwise. Enjoy your beverage the way you enjoy it!

Whisky can be made into several different styles of drink depending on the type of whisky and the style of whisky-maker. Straight whisky is made by fermenting fresh whisky in an open metal barrel. Typically, whisky that is aged in oak barrels is considered a “straight” whisky. A “lemoned” whisky is one that has been aged in another type of wood barrels or on an open-air rotational warehouse.

Blended whisky is created by mixing two types of whisky. Many people choose to try a blend of Irish whisky and apple whisky for an Irish version of a lemonade drink. There are also many sophisticated blends made with blends of French whiskys, Scotch Whiskies, and rye. Some of these complex flavours are not very pleasant, to begin with, but many people find that they have a nice taste, after they become accustomed to the complexity of the flavours. If you are interested in trying a complex flavour, it is best to try a few different types of whisky.

Many people believe that the best way to drink whisky is to serve it in its original bottle. This is usually referred to as “whisky onto the rocks”. The oldest known bottles of whisky have a higher content of the flavoured alcohol because distillation had not yet been developed. In other words, the older the bottle, the more alcohol there is in the bottle.

Some classic cocktails that are very popular include the Old Fashioned, Irish Creme, Manhattan, and the Martini. All of these contain one or more alcohols, but traditionally the alcohol is mostly whisky. A great way to drink a good whisky is with a Martini. The Martini is made by combining the gin, vermouth, lemon juice, and cream of the tart on the bottom of the glasses. It can be a fun cocktail when several people are taking a shot at it.

Other than the three basic drinks, there are a lot of interesting ways to drink whisky. The best way for you will depend upon your personality and preferences. There is also a wide range of complex flavours that can be incorporated into the drink. Explore your options and you are sure to come up with a unique way to enjoy your favourite drink.