A Collection of Scotland’s Rarest Single Malts

Whisky in Glass


If you happen to have a few spare thousand pounds and are a single malt enthusiast, then you have come to the right place. Most of us don’t have that kind of disposable capital at hand but still take great pleasure in looking at where the rich spend their fortunes. The selection of Scotlands finest produce has distilled up some masterpieces over the years and will continue to do so in the years ahead. Have a gaze over a collection of some of the rarest, and priciest, whisky available in the whole of Scotland.


Dalmore WhiskyDalmore Constellation 1964 – £35,303

The oldest bottle of the Constellation Series, the Dalmore 1964 tops the list at a cool £35,303. It has spent the last 43 years maturing in an American Oak cask and finished off its journey in a Mutasalem Oloroso Sherry Butt. A dark, shimmering chocolate mahogany based colour, this single malt was brought to life in Dalmore’s Highland distillery. With a nose of honeyed pear, passion fruit as well as orange zest and banana, this vintage bottle is the top of the food chain in the world of rare whiskies.






ThBalvenie Whiskye Balvenie 50-Year-Old – £26,500

The latest release in 2014 of the Balvenie 50 is a god amongst handcrafted whisky folklore. The whisky was left to distill in the infamous Warehouse 24 at Balvenie Distillery for over 50 years. Legend has it that the casks were bottled separately which creates the complex expressions which has brought smiles to the faces of the select few who have had the pleasure of experiencing a Dram of the stuff. With essences of cinnamon, cherry, blackberry, oak and dried fruit, this sweet, rich bodied masterpiece is presented in a typical wooden case, handcrafted by a furniture designer.





Limited Edition Whisky

Balvenie George Cleverley Ltd Ed -£20,000

Another from the Balvenie collection, the George Cleverley Limited Ed is named after the well-known shoemaker who collaborated with Balvenie to create this luxurious single malt. Crafted expertly by combining casks locked away in warehouses for over 40 years. With characteristics of sweetness, fruit, spice, citrus and oak, this treasure is of the highest standard of whisky that you will find anywhere on Scottish shores.






Tullibardine Tullibardine Whisky1952 – £16,100

The last entry in our top 4 list is amongst the rarest and most expensive single malts to have ever been distilled. At over 60 years of age has found its way into only 70 bottles, most of which had been reserved prior to its release. Distilled as part of the Custodian Collection, this piece of history was born in the oldest cask found at Tullibardine where it finished off in small sherry casks for 3 more years. This vintage single embodies a long, strong finish with oaky, caramel characteristics which makes it a collector’s item and an enthusiasts dream.