Oban Whisky Collection

Oban Distillery

The whisky culture on the shores of Oban is known around the world. Seasoned single malt enthusiasts will have no doubt come across a Dram or two that were distilled in Oban. A small faint fishing town with a brisk, mild climate, Oban has a rich history in producing quality whisky’s, some of which we have a look at today. The classic bottles on show are distilled from the only distillery in Oban which produces an impressive 670,000 litres.


Oban Little Bay

Oban Little Bay

The first on our list features the rich Amber coloured Oban Little Bay. It encompasses a dense coating feeling in the mouth with a hint of chewiness paired with orange zest. The nose is an oily, waxy and nutty boost to the senses balanced by ripe orchard fruits. With a long, lingering finish which can appear rather syrupy initially, matures into an elegant rich chocolate based flavour.



Oban 14 Year Old

Oban 14-Year-Old

A highland malt with distinct characteristics of an Oban distilled bottle. With an olive gold charm, this malt has a nose which is rich, Smokey sweetness with a fruity end. Hints of orange, lemon and pear all make an appearance which contributes to its peaty overtones. The palate takes a thick, full form with an oily rich body. With dried figs and honey-sweet spices, this classic 14-year-old finishes with a long, smooth departure and goes down a treat.


Oban Limited Edition

Oban 2000 Distillers Edition

A popular choice with many, this 2000 vintage bottle is an appealing amber, rose-hued colour. With taste, character and beauty in every Dram, this fruity and pungent bottle has a complex nose of Smokey, orange zest paired with crushed grapes. This rich, full bodied soft malt has delicate notes with brine throughout. Finishing with a coffee and oak quality, this single is a favourite of many and for good reason.


Oban 18 Year Old

Oban 18-Year-Old

A highly rated limited edition, Oban’s own 18-Year-Old classic is steep in cost but well worth the investment. 7700 bottles were produced of this rich, golden, peaty single malt. The Smokey spicy woods are characterised in this bottle which is accompanied by a ripe, fruity nose with essences of banana, plum and pear. With a medium bodied, rich, full nature, this taste has good legs that you won’t forget in a hurry. A sweetness fills the mouth which transforms into a sea salty dryness. The finish of this Oban is a long, smooth, sweet experience which ends with a caramel, oak based dark chocolate quality.