LLM Handling: The Home of the Electric Stacker Lift

Pile of pallets in need of an Electric Stacker Lift

The electric stacker lift is an appliance that is little known to most people, however those working in industries that have large warehouses or transport goods on pallets will understand the integral role they play. Naturally there are many suppliers claiming to sell the best pallet stackers however it takes a little more than just hearsay. This article will detail all you need to know about LLM Handling Ltd and why it is argued that they are the prime choice for electric stacker lifts and all other goods transportation devices.

Warehouse Requiring an Electric Stacker Lift

Why LLM Handling Electric Stacker Lift is the Best

The pallet stackers at LLM Handling are a great solution for anyone lifting and moving pallets within an industrial environment. It is cost effective as it can oftentimes be used instead of a forklift which can be very pricy to purchase. The structure of pallet stackers contains a small turning circle which means it can be easily manoeuvred in small spaces. This prestigious company offers both manual and electric stackers which is great as it gives the customer options. In terms of electric stackers, the number one best seller is the Pramac range as it offers a variety of lifting options and can carry loads of up to 1000kg. Similarly to the electric stacker lift, the pallet lifter can also assist with heavy lifting.

Why Choose LLM Handling

This business is one of the UK’s leading independent supplier of forward thinking lifting and handling solutions. Every piece is hand-picked by the team who are each passionate about this technology and expertly trained in lifting and handling heavy industrial loads. Every member of staff goes through extensive training and each share the same goal of every customer obtaining all the relevant information they need and the most effective and efficient advice regarding product choices. It’s not about making a sale as quickly as possible but rather about solving the problem that the customer has. On top of that LLM have an impressive policy when it comes to delivery and pride themselves in carrying out careful packaging processes and adhering to delivery schedules. Customer care and satisfaction truly is their top priority. They also have extremely

Single Pallet without an Electric Stacker Lift

Get to Know LLM Handling

Alongside the electric stacker lift, LLM also provide:

  • Mobile scissor lift tables
  • Pallet trucks (manual & electric)
  • Pallet stackers (manual & electric)
  • Pallet high lifters (manual & electric)
  • Static scissor lift tables (manual & electric)