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Implant dentistry in Glasgow

There are a lot of people in Glasgow who suffer from tooth loss and unfortunately not a lot of people have been able to have this problem resolved. Tooth loss can arise from a number of circumstance such as gum disease or poor health or poor oral hygiene. Regardless the cause, tooth loss can be extremely embarrassing and lead to low self-esteem, social anxiety or even depression. Plus there is usually a lot of pain and discomfort as a result of tooth loss, which can impact people’s lives. The Berkeley Clinic is a private dental practice which conducts implant dentistry in Glasgow. There are numerous reasons why The Berkeley Clinic is an award winning clinic and why they are the first choice for many Glaswegians to have their implant dentistry Glasgow carried out.

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Quick Implant Dentistry Glasgow

One of the most unique and winning features of The Berkeley Clinic is that everything happens in house, from the initial point of contact to the completion of the final stage of dental work. There are facilities for planning, the surgery, technicians, CT scans, and even a comfortable space that doesn’t embody a dental clinic at all where they can discuss plans and expectations. This speeds up the entire process of implant dentistry Glasgow.

Personal Implant Dentistry Glasgow

Every member of the The Berkeley Clinic team strive towards making their patients feel relaxed and safe throughout their entire journey. They do this by knowing all patients on a first name basis and sharing things about their own life in general conversation to put patients at ease. The patients are guided by a care team who are all focused, who share the same values, and who follow a structure that produces and outcome of excellence.

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Expert Implant Dentistry Glasgow

The dentists at The Berkeley Clinic are much more than their title suggests. For example Dr Greig McLean is a qualified medical doctor as well as a dentist. Dr McLean has been successfully placing dental implants for more than thirteen years. Also there is Mike Gow who is the clinical director for dental anxiety. Having a team who are armed with such fierce and diverse skill creates a business that can resolve any issue when it comes to implant dentistry Glasgow.

Relaxing Implant Dentistry Glasgow

The Berkeley Clinic specialise in treating patients who suffer from anxiety triggered by the dentist. They aim to create an experience that is nothing like that to your typical visit to the dentist. The interior of the practice is similar to that of a boutique hotel, during your initial consultation you will sit in a room that looks more like a living room than a clinic. The Berkeley Clinic had noise cancelling panels installed between rooms so that patients can’t hear any noises from other rooms. They ensure to have as much natural light as possible to help eliminate that generic feel of a clinic. The entire staff have been trained to recognise and understand the fears that people have of dentistry and work together with the same