About Us

We began our journey 9 years ago with the idea of setting up one of the best whisky news and information sites on the web. Since then we have grown and improved our website as well as our overall structure and regularly invite guest writers to publish news and related events on our website! One of the most popular features of our website has in fact been the guest posts and we regularly get in excess of 40 requests a week to write posts. If you would like to get involved with the posts please do contact us!

As many of you can probably imagine only whisky shop organically began life as a whisky shop selling whisky online. But as time has gone on we have diversified and moved into more whisky related blogging as well as general news and events.  We do plan to bring back products at some point in the future but for now we are enjoying the success of our website and the number of visitors that it is bringing. Throughout our online journey we have used a number of different techniques in order to achieve success. One of the most effective has been the process of SEO also known as search engine optimisation. This has been used by great effect by our team to promote our website and also to improve our overall ranking in the search results.

In addition to SEO we have also made significant changes to our website overall in order to improve its overall security , design and usability. Our site is protected by SSL certificates to ensure your details and the website are kept safe. Furthermore ,we have a privacy policy place to ensure that your details are stored safely and responsibly. We take pride in our website and ensure that you are kept in the loop with the latest information as and when we receive it.

From our time working within the whisky  industry we have seen a lot of change within the industry overall. One of the most remarkable changes has been where whisky is sourced. Increasingly different countries across the world are trying their hands at whisky distillation each with different results. One notable example is Japan. Japan is quickly becoming one of the world’s hotspots for whisky. Not just for consumption but for production as well! In a fairly recent publication from a whisky magazine a Japanese whisky was regarded to be better than scotch. It was distilled in a distillery in japan with a blend of additional herbs and was said to have undertones of cherry alongside the unmistakable burn and sweetness of whisky that we all know.